The Avengers' Personal Hacker

Hey, I'm Tracey Madison! I'm a
freelance painter and hired hacker for the infamous Tony Stark. Living in the Avengers Tower is something else. Dealing with a spy for a twin brother, a demigod, two scientists (one being a "green rage monster" and the other who loves to be a wise guy), two trained assassins, and two men out of their time. One being an ex-HYDRA assassin recuperating. Yeah life is definitely hectic. Well at least I have Sam to - hopefully - keep me a little sane from the crazy that comes with super soldiers, assassins, demigods, you know the drill. But honestly I couldn't ask for a better family.
Feel free to ask me or any one else questions!

There’s nothing to do at the tower! JARVIS isn’t fun. Capsicle is doing another patriotic speech or another. Hammer time…is somewhere. Everyone is boring…

Pepper isn’t around to babysit him either 

Hit us up with some questions!

  • 19 August 2014