The Avengers' Personal Hacker

Hey, I'm Tracey Madison! I'm a
freelance painter and hired hacker for the infamous Tony Stark. Living in the Avengers Tower is something else. Dealing with a spy for a twin brother, a demigod, two scientists (one being a "green rage monster" and the other who loves to be a wise guy), two trained assassins, and two men out of their time. One being an ex-HYDRA assassin that I am dating. Yeah life is definitely hectic. But honestly I couldn't ask for a better family.
Feel free to ask me or any one else questions!

Just finished reading The Epic of Gilgamesh (via sparknotes. College life). I have a major headache, but would LOVE to answer some questions. Feel free to ask the Madison twins or the Avengers anything!!

  • 22 August 2014
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